For Devotees: Devotees do 'abhishek' with water in the morning after the Kakad aarti. The abhishek is performed by the priest of the temple.

    The abhishek water comprises of rose water, honey, ghee, chandan and curd. All these items are mixed together and poured ob Baba's idol in the name and gotra of the devotee who are interested to do abhishek.

    The devotee has to give his full name, email address, mobile number, postal address, reason for lighting the diya, full name of the person for whom the Diya is being lit, "gotra", date and time of birth, before lighting the diya to be emailed to donation@shirdisaibmp.com. Duration of Abhishek totally rests on the devotees wishes.

    The present charges are:

    (Available only for Devotees visiting the temple in person and payment made at the temple office)

    For 1 day = Rs. 51/-

    (Available for Devotees paying online or through other modes of payment. Please click here to check the payment modes)

    Minimum 10 days = Rs.571/- or $ 10.00

    For 15 days in a row = Rs.851/- or $ 15.00*

    For 1 month in a row = Rs. 1,701/- or $ 30.00*

    For 1 year in a row = Rs. 20,001/- or $ 360.00**

    *      Photograph of the Diya with details will be emailed.

    **     Prasad will be couriered to the devotee, and photograph will be couriered.