Chronology of Events - The Journey

    After getting the blessings of Guruji for constructing the temple in Mandiapali in Berhampur, Smt. Baijayanti Misra - President of the temple expressed her worries regarding the funds. Guruji said as Baba has decided this place to reside, he will arrange for his own funds and his children should not beg or borrow. Donations would be accepted only if offered with devotion and not forced, irrespective of big or small.

    Bhoomi Puja was performed by Pujya Guruji on 19th July, 1997. Immediately after that construction started. Lot's of hurdles were faced but nobody gave up. The entrusted contractor demanded started demanding money midway of the construction work. The temple did not have enough funds so the contractor deserted and left without completing the assigned work.

    A new contractor was appointed and work commenced, acute shortage of water stopped all construction work. Guruji was informed and he immediately adviced to dig a bore-well in the north-west side of the temple. This well has since been rendering ceaseless service to the entire temple needs and also to the vicinity. Temple construction work was completed by 10th Oct, 1999.

    While construction was in full swing Guruji had already placed an order in Jaipur, Rajasthan for Baba's idol. Guruji had made all arrangements for transporting the idol from Jaipur to Berhampur temple. The transporter was instructed to carry the idol of Baba from Jaipur and come to Bhubaneswar as the Berhampur Temple was not ready. The driver being new to Odisha directly landed up in Berhampur thinking that was Bhubaneswar. On reaching few kilometers from the temple he called Guruji who was surprised and immediately called Smt. Misra (President) and informed her that the idol had reached Berhampur and asked her to get the idol to her residence and keep the idol for the night.

    Everyone was shocked and started gathering at her residence and following morning the idol was brought to the temple in a procession. The idol was placed on the stipulated marble platform and covered with a yellow cloth. Then the installation or prana-pratistha of the idol was done by Pujya Guruji Sri. C. B. Satpathy on 10th October, 1999 a few days before super cyclone hit Odisha.


Milestones Achieved

  • (1997) - Bhoomi Puja was done.

  • (1999) - Prana-Pratistha of the idol was done by Pujya Guruji Sri. C. B. Satpathy

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  • (2014) - Website was launched