History of Shirdi SaiBaba Spiritual & Charitable Trust

In the year 1997, January, Prof Dr B N Misra and his wife Smt. Baijayanti Misra met Pujya Guruji Sri Chandra Bhanu Satapathy , who was in the company of some prominent devotees at Shirdi Saibaba temple in Shirdi. This was the first meeting of theirs with Guruji. After that Smt Misra asked guruji when can we meet again in Odisha? Guruji said you will get everything about my programme from Mr. Suresh Panda - a devotee of Baba.

Their next meeting with Guruji after a month was in Bhubaneswar alongwith their daughter, son-in-law and grandsons. As soon as they reached the place where Guruji was residing, he came and hugged their Son-in-law and said "Oh! we are meeting after so many years". Everyone was surprised to hear that as this was the first time they were meeting. Guruji took them all inside, then suddenly Smt Misra's tears of devotion rolled down her eyes and then Guruji touched her forehead and said, "Ma, I know you want to construct a Sai Baba temple in Berhampur!" Everyone was surprised with that statement as Smt. Misra always cherished a desire of constructing Baba's temple in Berhampur. The family expressed their inability to construct a temple due to lack of funds, resources, land and people. Spontaneously the family offered their own plot of land for the purpose. Guruji said to think over and take time and revert to him and not to be in haste. The family returned and confirmed about their decision. Guruji was pleased and appointed Smt. Misra as the President of the Berhampur temple.

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