Daridra Narayan Seva

    Significance : Daridra Narayana or Daridranarayana or Daridra Narayan is an axiom enunciated by Swami Vivekananda espousing that the service of the poor is equivalent in importance and piety to the service of God. This exposition was a result of Vivekananda's wanderings in the country for two years when he personally experienced the privation of the lower classes in the country. Vivekananda was of the belief that service to God meant service to the poor. His constant refrain to people was to serve the poor as means of worship of god. Vivekananda then referred to feeding the poor as "Narayana Seva," and preached for "Daridra Narayana Seva" meaning service to the poor as service to Narayana, the god.

    Though the term was coined by Vivekananda, it was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi.

    When a hungry Nara is served a hearty meal, what is being done is Narayana Seva, for, Nara (man) is only "a form and a name" projected by Maya (human ignorance) on Narayana (God).

    God has two forms--Lakshmi-Narayana and Daridra-Narayana. Most people prefer to worship Lakshmi-Narayana for ensuring their personal prosperity and welfare, but few chose to worship Daridra-Narayana (the Lord in the form of the poor and the forlorn). Devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba should think only of service to Daridra-Narayana. If the hungry are fed, they are easily satisfied. Service to Daridra-Narayana can never go waste. It is the highest form of sadhana. Man is the product of the society and service to society is real service to God. Such service should be rendered without regard to caste, creed, race or nationality.

    The devotees normally pay money to make meals which is distributed to beggers, lepers, old, children and people suffering from health problems and unable to move.Besides humans dogs, crows and other animals are also fed.

    The devotee has to give his full name, email address, mobile number, postal address, reason for the seva, full name of the person for whom the Seva is conducted, "gotra", date and time of birth, before the day of the Seva to be emailed to donation@shirdisaibmp.com.

    The present charges are:

    (Available for Devotees paying online or through other modes of payment. Please click here to check the payment modes)

    Per Seva to feed minimum 100 people = Rs.5,001/- or $ 90.00

    Per Seva to feed 250 people = Rs.10,001/- or $ 175.00

    Per Seva to feed 500 people = Rs. 17,501/- or $ 320.00

    Per Seva to feed 1000 people = Rs. 30,001/- or 550.00

    *      Photograph of the same along with blessings of Shirdi Saibaba will be emailed.