Temple Offerings:

    Besides donation for various religious puja activities, the following items are offered at the Shrine of Shri Sai Baba in the Temple. NO COOKED FOOD is accepted by the temple as offering, hence please refrain from bringing cooked food to the temple. If you still bring cooked food it will be promptly disposed. Please conserve your resources and follow guidelines. You can participate in the temple services by offering any of the items listed below or volunteer to make prasad at the temple. All items brought should be new or fresh and in sealed condition.

    Clothes(Dress) for Baba: Baba's dress changed after holy bathing and often daily comprises of (1) outerwear of Kafni and headgear which can be either cotton, satin or silk in any color except black. (2) innerwear which is white cotton and (3) scarf or angavastra which can be satin, silk or cotton contrasting or matching color of outerwear. The size of outerwear is 6 yards. Innerwear is 5 yards and sarf is 4 yards. Baba's dress will have to be stitched and corners embroidered before it can be offered to Baba. Devotees are requested to please conform to this standard. Custom made dresses are available at the temple for your convenience.

    Flowers: Garlands of fresh flowers is offered to Baba daily after holy bathing and changing of clothes. About eight to ten garlands are used daily in the temple in mandir, dwarkamai, gurusthan and chavadi. The garland on the main shrine itself comprises of 300 carnations and roses are used during archana. About 500 flowers are estimated for daily use including flowers used in pooja service such as archana, etc.

    Fruits: Fruits are offered through out the day in various poojas.

    Oil: Sesame oil is used to light oil lamps that burn all the time in the temple.

    Naivedya: Baba's naivedya is made inside the temple itself and offered thrice daily to Baba. No cooked food from outside is allowed. But you can still participate by volunteeing to make prasad in the temple kitchen. The temple provides all the necessary items for kitchen use including groceries. The menu is fixed and decided by the temple in advance, please inquire. To make prasad please call the temple and register to avoid disappointment and incovenience.

    Devotees can opt for multiple offerings at the same time. Please check the various options available and their price.

    For details on how you can make your offering or questions, please contact the temple office by phone: 0680 - 234 3448 (India) / +91-680-234 3448 (Abroad), by email at or contact a temple staff member when you visit the temple.