Pushpa Abhishek

    Flower : Various types of fresh flowers are brought by the Sai devotees from Berhampur and nearby villages to be placed on the holy feet of Sai Shirdi Baba. The pushpa or flower abhishek is generally observed just after the abhishek of the Baba's idol.

    People who cannot come personally to the temple can place order online for the same. The Holy prist of the temple can place the flower garland on their behalf.

    The devotee has to give his full name, email address, mobile number, postal address, reason for Pushpa Abhishek, full name of the person for whom the Abhishek is being done, "gotra", date and time of birth, before abhishek to be emailed to donation@shirdisaibmp.com. Duration of Abhishek totally rests on the devotees wishes.

    The present charges are:

    (Available for Devotees paying online or through other modes of payment. Please click here to check the payment modes)

    Minimum 10 days = Rs.1,001/- or $ 18.00

    For 15 days in a row = Rs.1,401/- or $ 25.00*

    For 1 month in a row = Rs. 2,501/- or $ 45.00*

    *      Photograph of the Garland with details will be emailed.